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Motor ships project R-51

Москва Р-51

Length - 38.2m.
Width - 6.5m.
Collapse - 1.14m.
Height- 4.68m.
Seating capasity- 130 pers.

Motor ship type " MOSKOW" projekt R-51
Type Passenger. Hull Steel.
Engine 2 Х 3D6 in 150 p.h.
Stage of register "R"

Bow cabin, 6 cabins :
On the left side: 2сabins with 2 windows and 1 cabin with one window;
On the right side: 1 cabin with 4 windows,1cabin with 2 windows and 1
cabin with 1 windows;
Cemicircular bar, crew cabin.
Walk on the riva Niva - that's wonderful cruise. You' ll see syn embankment of Saint- Petersburg, famous architectural ensamble, traveled under tracery bridges, what for a long time, for ages symbols our city.
Motor ships type "Moskow" - houseboat perfected planning area, with open and spacious terrase.
  An impression of cruise on the riva Niva syn delicious lanch or supper: You' ll can to test dish russian, european and eastern kitchens.
  For guests and townsman Saint-Petersburg particularly become attractive nightwalk in riva Niva with outlet to the gulf of Finland in period of White nights and drawbridge.
Москва Р-51

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